Friday, March 19, 2004

Guardian talks to Todd

The Guardian online has a short interview with Todd, talking about Apple, software, the fate of the CD "The CD is still the preferred format for portable music. It may eventually lose its dominance but most portable listening devices don't allow you to get sound out. You can only put sound into them", and the RIAA "I don't like them persecuting my audience in my name".

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Spymob on SNL

Spymob are on this week's Saturday Night Live. Why do we care? because their eagerly awaited debut album, "Sitting Around Keeping Score," is influenced by the sounds of Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Jellyfish and Split Enz. The album also is the first rock album released on Star Trek, the new Arista subsidiary founded by the Neptunes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Todd BBC's album of week

The BBC (God bless 'em) have the whole of the Todd album up on their website for us to listen too, after naming the record their Album of the Week. So ... the question is does it sounds any good? Err..Hmmm... for me yes and no. Whilst I'm glad its already getting noticed (see also interview and review on Play Louder....) I can't help thinking after first listen that too much on here sounds like '2nd Wind', and 'Nearly Human' outtakes, and whilst online is not the best listening environment, it sounds a bit tinny too, like i just recorded this on my PC at home. Some initial thoughts on a selection of the tracks.

Truth - Todd goes a bit techno, with hints of Initiation, but a disappointing lead of track.
Sweet - Nearly Human-esk sounding typical Todd soul, but heard it before and better.
Soul Brother - Certainly one of the album's highlights, as Todd goes after modern R&B music, NOT before time ..." as you dry hump the crowd" . Asking, not so much where is the love, but where is the SOUL
Mammon - Another great song, this time about people trying to force their religion on you.
Future - Almost a drum and bass beat going on in the background here. Like it.
Past - Typical Todd ballard - again too early to say whether this is a classic or just a heard it all before track like 'Sweet'.
Wondering - And we take a step up again.
Afterlife - Can't place this but again very reminisant of a previous Todd track, and 2nd Wind in general. I like it, but it goes back to my argument that we've all been here before.
Living - Another 2nd Wind like track. See above. Best guitar work on the album though.