Friday, November 23, 2007


The Guardian has been compiling a 1,000 albums you should hear before you die list "it's not is the best 1000 albums of all time. Instead, it's a cross-genre, cross-era look at some great music" Todd makes it in with Something/Anything " Rundgren not only produced and arranged this double LP, he wrote it all and played every instrument on three of the four sides. I Saw the Light opened the "pop" side, followed by the "experimental", "hard rock" and "musical" sides. The third solo album from the Philly whizkid is a masterclass in eclecticism"

Also this made me laugh from the Washington Post.Music editor and Post Rock blogger David Malitz in a special pre-Thanksgiving edition of 'the chat'. This is from the transcript:

A statistic: Todd Rundgren is overrated by 95% of the .01% of the population who know who he is.

David Malitz: I like the way your brain works. We need more statistics. Where does that "bang on the drum all day" song rank in songs-you-can't-get-out-of-your-head list?