Friday, March 06, 2015

Taylor Locke track hints at Todd

Todd gets a passing mention in a review of new Taylor Locke album - Time Stands Still. According to Scottish Daily Express today the influences included The Beatles and The Cars. "But there is also a Laurel Canyon vibe going on, especially on breezy opener Burbank Woman, which has a Jackson Browne/Todd Rundgren feel to it."

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Runddans arrives 5 May

Pitchfork has details about the Runddans album including some snippets behind a Todd interview explaining how it came about. Sounds like a throw back to 70s experimental Todd.

Billed as a "spiritual magnum opus," it is one single (sub divided) track that spans 39 minutes, and is said to fuse Rundgren's "trippy. blue-eyed soul" with Lindstrom's "disco epics" and Nikolaisen's "studio trickery" to result in a "cosmic mix of soul, synth, pop, and disco".
Going to be interesting this one.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Global: good intentions are often inextricable from the silliness

All Music reviews the new Todd album , and awards it three and a half stars (out of five).

"[I]t's perched at a point between the past and the present, protest and satire, and that inscrutability is often where Rundgren does interesting work."

Todd talks Global with Vintage Rock

"Global is essentially what I learned making State, merged with my more traditional approaches to songwriting and album production."

Vintage Rock talks to Todd about the new album and the writing process. Good interview. Todd points to a couple of his favourite album:

 "I think two of the best records of my career came out of that period, Nearly Human and 2nd Wind. Those two records I am especially fond of."

Meanwhile, Argentinian publication Pagina/12 has an brief interview with Todd too (think done a while back)

Monday, March 02, 2015

British singer Rumer, who has previously covered Todd's 'Be Nice to Me' , is currently doing a version of 'Love is the Answer' in her live set.