Friday, June 15, 2007

Whole Lotta Love

Steven Tyler interviewed by today's Daily Mirror, talks about Liv and Todd

“Now she’s doing movies all the time I still don’t see much of her,” says Steve. “I surely have regrets about not being there for Liv when she was growing up. It just happened that when I courted Bebe, Liv’s mum, I was stuck in a spot that sounds like the middle section of Whole Lotta Love. You know the one? I was in the way outosphere. I was in the sweet spot, hanging between the lines. Very long lines.”

Nowadays, he and Rundgren are pals, although Tyler admits he’s a little jealous of his old rival.

“Yeah, I’m envious that he owns all that property in Hawaii!” he laughs.

Meanwhile, Today's Times has an interview with BC Camplight who, it comments, "Christinzio’s music is like being run over by a runaway truck stuffed with care bears, glitter and, hell, a few gold-potted rainbows. Like his heroes Brian Wilson and Todd Rundgren, his ambition is nothing less than to create “perfect pop”.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Nice interview with Liv in Australia's Herald Sun

Washington Post review the latest offering from Sea and Cake - 'Everybody' and comments that the track "Up on Crutches's" sunny pop-soul recalls early-'70s Todd Rundgren.