Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Liars Live DVD

OPed News has a review of the Liars Live DVD which is amusing for how the reviewer had his expectations confounded "First prepared to rip this release to shreds, ‘cause I was extremely unhappy with several of his last CDs, I came away dazed. Never expected it. If this is what Rundgren can still do, then he should devote his future to documents from the rostrum, before admiring throngs, happily ensconced amidst kliegs in teatros. Liars Live blows everything he’s done in the last 15 years to smithereens. His voice is in very good shape, the band’s as cool and snazzy as a West Coast Cool ensemble blent with lounge pop-rock and frequently blazing to the heavens, not a moment is wasted. Those lamenting the fading inspiration and skills of theoretically declining Baby Booming musicians are going to have a very hard time continuing justifications of the sentiment in light of this".