Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Brum, Brum

Both the Birmingham Post and Birmingham Evening Mail covered Todd last week (25th and 23rd June respectively). Once agin the main talk isof the forthcoming shows in the UK, including on in Birmingham ( I will be there!).

In the Post interview he does comment on the last US election and Iraq: "I was in Talahassee a year and a half ago to play a gig. Talahassee is the state capital of Florida. There was one lonely person camping out on the municipal lawn. Now everyone is starting to wake up. They realise that if people were honest we wouldn't be in this state. Most people in Anglo Saxon countries were brought up to believe that other people's religions are inferior. This is a big lie.

The other big lie is that we're fighting this war for the benefit of the Iraqi people. Everyone's changing their stance now but they believed the excuse that we went in there to help. They went along with that. In reality we went in there to hurt them, not to help them. People now have to confront these lies. They have to accept their personal vindictiveness. The war was never stable or tenable. It was built on a falsehood. Instead of liberating the people, we have created the world's largest terrorist training camp and the most depressing part is that it's been done in our name."

Todd down under

The Australian Financial Review has a piece on Todd (26 June). Shane Nicols begins by asking: - Todd Rundgren, ageing pop wunderkind, techno wizard and acid visionary, if they put you in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame what would the citation say?
"If elected, will not serve" comes the reply...

On music today? "It should be about the songs rather than about vocal histrionics. The first thing I do when I hear something is concentrate on the songs, often in spite of the arrangement or how the song has been handled by the performer."

"There's a degree of cynicism that music can be engineered into being a hit. That's always existed. But I can't think of anything that J-Lo's done other than get engaged or un-engaged."

And so say all of us :-)


Acoording to People magazine: Actress Liv Tyler (and Aerosmith lead Steven Tyler's daughter) is expecting a baby. Her publicist confirmed to the magazine that Tyler and her rock singer husband Royston Langdon are overjoyed and look forward to the arrival of their child.