Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paul Gilbert

The latest offering from guitarist Paul Gilbert, Fuzz Universe has an instrumental cover of Todd's 'Blue Orpheus' (from A Capella album). This is not Gilbert's first piece of Todd action. He has also covered 'Hawking' (from Nearly Human album) on a compliation album Warmth in the Wilderness - A Tribute to Jason Becker

In an interview in Ultimate Guitar this is what he had to say about covering Todd

Q: ”Blue Orpheus” is Todd Rundgren’s song from A Cappella where Todd uses voices to do all the instruments. What so intrigued you with this Rundgren song?

A: I'm a huge Todd Rundgren fan, so I wish I could cover all of his songs. Todd is a master of songwriting and arrangements. I enjoyed playing all his vocal parts on guitar and seeing how so many different parts can fit together. I wish I could write like this. But until I can, I'll have to keep covering Todd songs.