Monday, January 25, 2010

CTTB - New home

I think I have mentioned this before, but I will be blogging more about music - and podcasting - with a friend of mine at our new site Come taste the Band.

We've only just started, so not very good yet, but we hope to get better in the next couple of attempts.

The Record Producers - Todd Rundgren

BBC radio 6Music broadcast another fine ed of The Record Producers, with Richard Allinson and Steve Levine. This edition profiled the work of Todd Rundgren (if you're in the UK you can listen via iPlayer for limited time here)

This was a wonderful 90 minutes, including interviews with Sparks, Tom Robinson, Andy Partridge, and or course Todd himself, as well as a very close look at how the track Bat out of Hell was put together for Meatloaf.

Loved Sparks saying that whether you liked Sparks or didn't like Sparks, the man to blame for their existence is Todd, and Andy Partridge of XTC on why, despite the horror of recording Skylarking with Todd - "one bunker with two Hitlers" - he still thought he should be considered in the top echelon of producers: "not a very good engineer; his people skill are that of a Darlek, but as an arranger he's pretty god-like"

If you fancy listening to a selection of Todd tunes and have a Spotify account here is a random playlist of Todd tunes and one of some tracks off albums produced for others [If you don't have an account and would like one, the first 2 (need to be uk based) people to leave comment on this post can have an invite.]