Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bruce Springsteen - Working on a Dream

It's tempting to say that Bruce should have worked a bit harder on that dream, as his new album whilst perfectly fine, lacks - dare I say it - a certain 'magic'.

The problem with the album is unfortunately highlighted by the decision to include a couple of bonus tracks - one of which 'The Wrestler' ( from the film of the same name) is so street ahead quality-wise of anything else on the album it is worrying. Now, I should clarify, that I think this song ranks up there with Springsteen's best, so I am not dismissing out of hand the quality of the rest of the record, some of which I like a great deal: "What Love can do", My Lucky Day”, “Working On a Dream”, and "Life Itself", for example; but it is hard to come away from this record not feeling slightly disappointed.

I need to give a quick mention to the first track - Outlaw Pete. Now, it is perfectly ok, but every time it starts I have a blend of the Rolling Stone's - 'Paint it Black', and Kiss' - 'I was made for loving you' pop into my head, which is frankly a bit odd.

So, a good record that will get many a spin this year, but one - with the exception of 'The Wrestler' - that is unlikely to find much space in future set-lists beyond the next tour.