Saturday, October 10, 2015

Podcast Nine:2015

It's autumn or fall but the music is still coming. This month we cast our ears over

The Libertines - Anthems for a Doomed Youth

Craig Finn - Faith in the Future

David Gilmour - Rattle that Lock

Keith Richards - Crosseyed Heart

Dam Funk - Invite the Light

Duran Duran - Paper Gods

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Dam Funk on being with Todd

"I just got off a tour with him. I learned a lot from the tour bus. He’s a little aloof, but he’s a genius. I didn’t realize he was a tough guy, but he’s a sensitive guy as well, by the lyrics that he’s written. There’s a lot of positive material; a lot of cynical stuff too. It just came about because a few people invited him to Funkosphere, which is my club. He ended up saying, “You know what? I can’t make it there, but are you interested in going on tour?” Because he wants to not take a band anymore, just go for a DJ type of vibe. I’m not even DJing, I just play keyboards and background vocals."
What was the most surprising thing you learned on tour with him?
That he’s really prompt. That’s what taught me about in the future, and even now with my band, staying on time, being in the lobby at the right time, starting the soundcheck at the right time. He’s very professional. He’s very methodical. Every set each night went the same way. And it was good because every audience had the same experience. And a few other things, but I’ll keep that off the record. I can’t snitch.
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