Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Latest TR News

Todd will be appearing on 'Live From Daryl's House' Daryl Hall's online TV jamming show. It is apparently being taped tomorrow - on my Dad's birthday, July 8 - but wont go up on the web until 15th August (just 2 days before my Mom's birthday)

Paste Magazine has an Interview with Patterson Hood of Drive By Truckers, where Todd is mentioned.

Paste: What are some of your favorite tracks on Murdering Oscar?
Hood: I like the title cut, and “Pollyanna” which I think will probably be the single. [But] I might be too close to it to even pick. [The album is] pretty concise; it’s like 45-minutes long. I really just like the back and forth of the points of view—I love dualities, and a little whiplash. And I cover a Todd Rundgren song on it [“The Range War”]. Before I made [the record], I referred to it as my Todd Rundgren project. My vision was to make this kind of attempt at a Something/Anything? kind of thing, but it’s not at all. Even the Todd Rundgren song on there doesn’t sound remotely like Todd Rundgren. But I’ve been a lifelong fan and he’s been one of my favorites forever—or at least, the albums of his that I like are among my favorite records ever made, I’ll put it that way. Something/Anything? is probably my all-time favorite record, and 90 percent of his catalog I can’t listen to, but I love that record and I love a handful of songs off of other ones. So that was definitely an influence even if it doesn’t really sound like it. My voice—I mean, I couldn’t sing any less like him.

Elsewhere, Todd has been talking about the AWATS dates and how, whilst every effort will be made to recreate the sound of the album live, he may mess with the order of the album. In the Detroit Metro Times, Todd said: "While I haven't locked my approach down yet, I think it's likely that the running order may be different than the original. A Wizard, A True Star was made when all long-players had to be split into sides, and I think the concept may actually be improved a bit with a little reordering."