Friday, April 01, 2005

Future Sonics

The latest issue of Mix mentions Todd.

"Future Sonics founder/president Marty Garcia's work in the live sound biz started in 1979, when he opened regional sound company Crystal Sound, which would become Crystal-Taylor Sound. Garcia notes that client Todd Rundgren was getting great monitor sound in halls and theaters, but had problems in arena-sized venues; when Rundgren had to sing out over the roar of instruments onstage, vocal fatigue would follow. Crystal Sound's custom wedge-based monitor rig and console sounded so great to Rundgren that the artist bought it and brought Garcia on tour for the next five years to run it — while still developing custom-built transducers into ear pieces. Fast-forward to 1991: Garcia sold Crystal-Taylor Sound and founded Future Sonics. What's in the company's future? Products that will “blend in” with professional and consumer interests. Think MP3s and iPods."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Todd mentions

  • Shane Harrison reviews the debut album from Aslyn - "Lemon Love" in Atlanta Journal-Constitution today (29 March 2005) saying that there is "plenty to admire" about album which packs in the influences, which "Depending on your chronological frame of reference, you'll hear traces of Elton John, Todd Rundgren, the Beatles, Lenny Kravitz or Nelly Furtado in these songs, most of them written by the fetchingly curly-haired Aslyn. And her sweet voice has just enough grit to give the tunes a touch of blue-eyed soul"
  • Todd also got a mention in the New York Times (27th March 2005) - or at least in the letters page where David Vawter of Orchard Lake, Mich. responded to an article called 'Home sweet studio' by saying that "Without taking anything away from Bruce Springsteen's magnificent ''Nebraska,'' the precedent for a home studio providing the atmosphere for a young artist to find his or her sound was set back in 1972, when a skinny Philadelphia transplant named Todd Rundgren holed up in his Los Angeles apartment to produce the double-album magnum opus ''Something/Anything.' Displaying a mind-boggling mastery of recording and engineering technique (three of the album's four sides were performed by Mr. Rundgren alone), ''Something/Anything'' also contains such classic pop tunes as ''I Saw the Light'' and ''Hello It's Me.'' Mr. Rundgren follows the same methodology to this day -- his highly regarded 2004 CD ''Liars'' was recorded at his home studio in Hawaii"
    Well said David!