Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hold Steady

News and US tour dates here

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Foo Good

My girlfriend's favourite song at the moment, and I have to admit it rocks.

A Fistful of Fandago - 229/Club Fandango - 08/09/2007

I had Diane to thank for spotting this one. It was the final night of 4 multiband nights at the International Student's Union or 299/Club Fandango. Six band divided over 2 stages in the small linked venue.

Room One Stage:

Electric Soft Parade
Misty's Big Adventure
The Kissaway Trail

Room Two Stage

Eugene McGuiness
Tim Ten Yen

We missed Tim Ten Yen, but arrived about a third of the way through The Kissaway Trial's set. And very entertaining they were too. Must confess this bunch of Danes were new to me. Having now listened to some of their recorded stuff, they rock a bit more as a live act, but if Bloc Party and  the Wannadies work for you then worth checking out.

The same cannot be said for Eugene McGuinness, a singer songwriter with a nice turn of lyrics but still a set of weak songs.

Back in Room One, we had a band that are sort of one part Beafheart, one part Blockheads, with a sprinkling of Arthur Brown. Yes folks, Misty's Big Adventure are are strange experience - the quote one enlightened chap beside us - 'look they've got birds playing trumpet and saxaphone'. Indeed they do, and a very pleasnt sound they make doing so too. Strangely enjoyable.

Back to Room Two headliner, Absentee, an interesting 4 piece  sporting a Kings of Leon (1st album) look and with a lead singer with one of the deepest rock voices I have heard in a good while. They tried out some new stuff to get feedback to see if worth including on new album, and impressed me enough to keep an eye on future stuff from them, and to download their first album from eMusic.

And so to the selling point for getting me to go. I really like the first two ESP albums, so a chance to catch them live (inc everyone else for £10, was too good to miss). And fun it was too. Some good banter, some great songs, esp 'Start Again'. A perfect end to a really enjoyable evening.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Avant Pop

What is avant pop? Paul Grimstad takes a look and finds a space for a Mr R  

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