Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Todd & Elliot speak

On Milwaulkee has a good interview with Todd speaking about The New Cars. On the question of a possible album of new material he says: "It's one of those things where there has to be a legitimate business foundation to this," he says. "You can't do it on a whim. The audience has a lot to say about the longetivity of the idea. If they come out and buy tickets, there's life. If they do not, then the audience has spoken. If we can't leverage a brand that's already famous to so many people, it doesn't make sense to start over."

Meanwhile Elliot told the Detroit Free Press "We're still developing our own chemistry. As this thing solidifies and grows, we're all hoping that Todd will be inspired to write new material specifically for this group. It's great to play the old songs and reconnect with the audience, but the goal of any musician with a pulse is to make new music ...Todd Rundgren's not only a fantastic musician and showman, he's a great guy to be in a band with"