Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nin INch Nails - Brixton Acedemy 08/03/2007

By the time this gig had come around on Thursday I would have to say I was really looking forward to things. A new album to start promoting, a great back catalogue, and a band that are meant to be excellent live. So why did I leave so underwhelmed???

Ok, first off, this wasn't a BAD gig. I need to say that. In fact, for me at least, the problem was that it was all just a bit too perfect and polished. From the opening bars of Somewhat Damaged to the thunderous end of Head Like a Hole it all just sounded like it would had I put a NIN CD on in my house. At times they could have been just performing to one huge backing track and miming frankly.

This all resulted in there just being a lack of passion from where I am concerned. Only one new track - the single, Survivalism - got aired and surprisingly very little of the last album, White Teeth made it into the set.

So, not bad, but I felt I didn't need to be there.

The new album is however going to be bought on the strength of the four new tracks on the MySpace site.

The Guy from The Times - at the same gig - obviously likes this kind of stuff, played this note perfect though


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