Monday, September 22, 2014


Adult Swim’s animated series Squidbillies, has reached Season Nine, and the new season has a host of artists covering theme theme song, including Todd, according to Consequence of Sound. First up though is Neko Case.

Shaffer on loosing it over Todd

Paul Shaffer tells The Daily Beast how he thought Todd Rundgren might cost him his job on the Tonight Show:
“I really lost my temper,” he recalls, recounting how he vented at Letterman when frequent musical guest Todd Rundgren showed up at the studio too late to rehearse, and Dave (perhaps needling Paul) kept announcing that the band would play a string of completely unprepared Rundgren hits.        
“Well, I couldn’t play all his songs because we hadn’t had a chance to rehearse, but Dave kept coming back to it,” Shaffer recalls. “He just kept firing it in, and I lost it and I started yelling at him on the air. I said, ‘Listen, anything you want, I give you! You want a song by the Gin Blossoms, you got it!’  Then I felt terrible afterwards. "

Ryan Adams @ Shepherds Bush Empire 19/09/14

The welcome return of Adams to the stage and touring – following a hiatus cause by his suffering from Ménière's disease – gives us back one of the most talented songwriters of our generation. Anyone in any doubt of that fact should just check out the songs from the setlist below. Voice on top form, band tight and focussed and for those lucky enough to have been at the first night (thurs) – sadly not me -  a different set list.

Kicking off with the Gimme Something Good from his excellent current album, we went through a set which drew heavily on that album, but also drew in material from Love is Hell, Ashes and Fire, Easy Tiger, and my two favourite Cardinals albums, Cold Roses and Jacksonville City Nights. Not a dud song in the set and a man on stage who looked like he's really enjoying himself.

As was the case on the previous evening, Mr Depp made an appearance for the encore to play a bit of guitar -although I suspect Johnny may have ahead a few lemonades whilst waiting for his moment. Good fun though. 

Gimme Something Good
Fix It
This House Is Not For Sale
Dirty Rain
Stay With Me
Cold Roses
Am I Safe
Let It Ride
I Just Might
Political Scientist
Everybody Knows
Let Go
My Wrecking Ball
Magnolia Mountain
Rats in the Wall
Easy Plateau
Oh My Sweet Carolina
(with Johnny Depp)
I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say
(with Johnny Depp)

Rather than post a shitty clip from someone's camera phone of the gig, he is Ryan on Later instead.