Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Official State Tour: Scotland

As Todd starts the UK leg of his Official State Tour, we have a couple of 3 Star reviews for his Scottish dates:

Rob Adams of The Herald said (of Edinburgh Picture House gig)  " while it and the rather metallic sound quality of digital equipment made one hanker for five minutes of Rundgren singing at a grand piano, there was something almost mesmerising about what was billed grandly if humorously as the Official State Visit." Whilst concluding " good on him for moving with the times, even if technology can't always keep up with him."

David Sinclair in The Times said (of Glasgow ABC gig) " To have so much of the performance pre-recorded was somewhat disconcerting. Isn't that what Steps do?" … before adding " the format came up trumps was in throwing the spotlight on Rundgren's remarkably supple voice and cleverly engaging lyrics" he too concludes with praise for trying something new and moving with the times, saying you to " admire Rundgren for pushing forward and discarding the old way of doing things. Anyone hoping for a retro or vintage dimension to this show is likely to be disappointed."

The Scotsman's Fiona Shepard was also at the Glasgow gig but went for 4 stars. She opines "In A long and varied career … Rundgren has been ahead of the curve technologically and out of fashion musically", and concludes "Ultimately, this mixed bag came together to create a fascinating middle-aged rave."