Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Todd Interview

Live Daily has an interview with Todd and his decision to join the Cars ...

"I thought, 'Well, The Cars thing will satisfy a number of things.' One thing that it won't satisfy is that I won't be playing a lot of my material. There's so much Cars material, it fills up most of the show, although we will do a couple of my things. From the standpoint of my audience, they'll have to be satisfied to watch me sing Cars songs. [laughs] And other aspects made it potentially a good idea from the standpoint of my own career and what I want to do, in that I'll definitely be playing for larger audiences than I usually do".

Another interesting quote - for me at least - comes when he talks about Producing other artists

"I regret that I never got to do a serious rap act like Public Enemy, because some of those records are really amazing and transcendent from a production standpoint"

Todd producing PE, now that would have been interesting.