Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Singles of 2009

What was very apparent, very quickly, when I say down to make this list was how much of a 'ladies' year this has been. My favourite single of the year? Probably either Pearl Jam, Taylor Swift or Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But what follows in no particular order are my Top 20 (or at least as I remember them – no doubt, as per usual I have left out one or two records I really loved but have forgotten about!)

1. Pearl Jam – The Fixer (Short, sharp, sweet – a cracking song)
2. Taylor Swift – Love Story (Yes it's cheesy, but I loved this record. Catchy like all great pop)
3. Nell Bryden – Second Time Around (proof that you can say it all on just over 2 mins)
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (because was trying to limit to one per artist had to choose this over equally excellent Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero)
5. Placebo - For What It's Worth - (Battle for Sun also great though )
6. Kelly Clarkson – I don't hook up (Just a great pop song)
7. The Veronicas – Untouched (Just the kind of pop rock I like. So should have released This Love here though)
8. The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (Yes, they must)
9. Florence & The Machine – Rabbitt Heart (The critics have loved Florence. I think album is ok, but this is the stand out track)
10. Lady Ga Ga – Paparazzi (I tried to resist but eventually she wore me down)
11. The Decemberists - The Rake’s Song (buy the album)
12. Bonnie “Prince” Billy - I Am Goodbye (I LOVE this. Another short song, and another instant classic)
13. Pet Shop Boys - Love etc (One of their finest moments)
14. Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal (This is just wonderful for anyone who remembers 80's 'hair metal'. Takes pastiche to a new level. )
15. Echo and the Bunnymen - I Think I Need it Too ( did someone say return to form?)
16. Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (KoL have really struck a chord on these shores this last year, and songs like this demonstrate why)
17. Bat For Lashes – Daniel (Crept up on me a bit this one. Just a beautiful song)
18. Paramore – Ignorance ( A bit Avril, but good all the same)
19. The Duckworth Lewis Method - Meeting Mr Miandad ( …in a VW Campervan …)
20. Bruce Springsteen – Working on a Dream (and long may he keep on working)