Friday, September 11, 2009

The Hold Steady @02 Academy, Islington, London 10/09/2009

Almost ten months since I last saw the guys, but it was great to get to see them in a smaller venue again. Hot as hell, but hey. What's more we got a few new songs dropped into the set,including one that name dropped 'Utopia' and 'Love in the Answer'. Yes, THS mention Todd!

New tunes fitted in well. Nothing outstanding on first listen ('Going on a Hike'? embedded below, as recorded by someone at gig) but solid stuff.

Craig's singing was not his best this time around, but the overall sound of the band more than made up for this, with the mix getting the right balance between the instruments.

Not much more to say to be honest. Highlights? (beside the Utopia mention): - Multitude Of Casualties, Slapped Actress and Stuck Between Stations.

Set list - Not in order and I may have misremembered some. One thing I can say was there was no room in set for Chips Ahoy, Lord, I'm Discouraged, or Ask her for Adderall.

Constructive Summer
Sequestered in Memphis
The Swish
Stevie Nix
You Can Make Him Like You
Stuck Between Stations
Stay Positive
Slapped Actress
How a Resurrection Really Feels
Certain Songs
Your Little Hoodrat Friend
First Night
Multitude Of Casualties
Same Kooks
Massive Nights
Killer Parties

New Tunes?
Going on a Hike ?
Separate Vacations ?
Our Whole Lives ?