Monday, January 28, 2008

Todd not down with Justin

Another good interview with Todd, this time from Jam

He talks more about the problem with The New Cars
"We had an essential problem and that was the member of The Cars who opted not to go on the road also opted not to use the name The Cars," he says. "If we were called The Cars, people would've said, 'Oh, we know who they are. But who the hell are The New Cars?' It just didn't make any sense. It didn't make sense to go to a place and sell fewer tickets than if I was there by myself."

About how he is not a big fan of justin timberlake

"Nowadays, the price of admission for a new artist is so huge and spent on such stupid things like dance lessons and hiring six keyboard players," he says. "And it's kind of pitiful because the music is awful. I mean Justin Timberlake? Give me a break. He writes a verse, that's it. He writes a verse and the verse becomes the chorus and it just goes on forever."

And in still firmly believing the way to make money as an artist is to tour due to the high margins to be made on tickets his advice to bands/musicians is
"If you have a hit record you can play for audiences. If you have to give it away to get a hit record, do it."