Saturday, June 20, 2009

Music Weekly and Todd

Guardian Music Weekly's podcast 'Feature With No Name' section this week has the Observer's Paul Simon waxing lyrical about just why he and you should love Todd.

He identifies 3 types of Todd: -

Pop/Ballad Todd
Rock Todd
Prog Rock Todd

Give him a go, see the light :-)

Todd @ Norwegian Wood 2009

Todd played the Norwegian Wood Festival in Norway this year. Norwegian TV recorded it, and Todd's whole set is here

The Pretenders were also there this year, and their set is here

Also, Paramore's set from last year isn't bad - it is here

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

electrocuting elvis

An ex work-mate now. All hail Nick Elverston (the guy on bass) I do like this, and YES, it was a while ago!


Ok, my friend Mats has been recording some music, and you know what, it aint bad at all. Check him out at Myspace, and get a taste below.