Friday, June 01, 2007

Todd Fink

Blogcritics has an interview with Todd Fink of The Giving Tree Band who reveals "I've been around music and instruments my whole life. My parents love music and even named me after one of their favorite musical artists, Todd Rundgren. My dad played multiple instruments and taught me a lot on guitar in childhood. I gravitated to the guitar right away".


JamJunky is the site that allows songwriters to get feedback on what others think of their creations. As an artist, you can upload your song, along with any details including tempo, key, lyrics, the song’s inspiration, and liner notes. Then you can send the page to friends to check out and comment on. If you’re feeling confident and want more feedback, you can leave your song open to the criticism of the JamJunky community. (via Profy.Com )

Monday, May 28, 2007

Longview at The Legion, Old Street, London 24/05/2007

Went over to The Legion pub on Old Street last thursday with Diane to see a few bands. Longview were the headline act with with Autokat and Working For a Nuclear Free City in support.

Autokat started off really bad but got a bit better as they went on, NFC were dire, and Longview were not too bad - in a Embrace/Coldplay sounding kind of way. The overuse of pipped in background vocals to make the lead singer sound better did start to get on my nerves a bit, and they are a bit samey (an opinion reenforced by listening to their album)

But, they seem to have a small but dedicated following - Michael, Diane's ex that came along being one of them. Don't think I'd go out of my way to see any of the bands again, but at least i wouldn't leave anywhere where Longview were playing.