Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Todd rocks the Filmore

Todd's gig opening the Fillmore Philadelphia sounded like it was fun - he even played "Slut" of all things. The Phili Inquirer has the low down

Todd Videos

Found this cool little links page.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

NIN - Year Zero

Now I suppose there is a view among some NIN fans that the last album White Teeth was a bit too mainstream Rock and not enough industrial/electronic sounding and true NIN-like (indeed the recent live set's lack of material from this record may reflect that). Personally I thought/think that White Teeth is a good record, but then I like to Rawk!. But, I digress

We now have Year Zero, the first of what is rumoured to be part one of a two-piece concept album release. Lyrically Trent has Re-imagining the US as a police state in 15 years

Musically we are back in the very electronic realm. Lyrically it's the usual Trent mixture of good and bad."I pushed the button and elected him to office/He pushed the button and he dropped the bomb" (Capital G)

The album kicks off with brief instrumental "Hyperpower!" which moves nicely into the slow-building "The Beginning of the End" (one of the album's best songs) before rushing headlong into lead single "Survivalism". Much depression and misery follow - as you'd expect.

I don't believe I am about to say this, but this could actually be Trent's finest hour. For me this album contains far less filler than any previous outing.

Album's highlights for me are: "Violent Heart", "Great Destroyer", "Capital G", "Me, I'm Not", "In this Twilight" and "The Beginning of the End"

Certain to feature in many 'best of' year polls. A great album.