Friday, August 21, 2015

Just like fine wine

Michael Austin in his Orlando Sentinel (Florida) article 'How to take wine just seriously enough' has one of my favourite throw away Todd mentions I've seen in a while:

"Dogs are funny and wine culture can still be a little too serious, even today. For the people who make it, serve it and sell it, OK. It's your business -- you can be serious about that side of it. But for the rest of us who have no obligation other than to enjoy it and simply appreciate it for what it is, let's keep it fun. Even though wine is one of our greatest creations -- right up there with language, flight, medicine and the music of Rush and Todd Rundgren -- let's not fetishize it."

Meanwhile another review for the Runddans album - this time from The Age in Australia.

Todd Rundgren is mercurial. In his long career he's been a guitar-shredding rock star, a creator of sublime pop, recording studio wizard, pioneer in the use of synthesisers, he's dabbled in techno and dance, and he's even done an album of Robert Johnson "blues" standards. So now he's collaborating with Norwegian electronica artists Emil Nikolaisen and Hans-Peter Lindstrom - naturally. There are 12 tracks listed, from B for Birth, to Ohr ... Um ... Am ... Amen (Aftermath), but really it's all one work, with elements that touch on pretty much every aspect of Rundgren's career. It's alluring, intricate, involving, and one of the best things he's done in years.