Saturday, July 14, 2007

International Feel

Todays' Guide  in the Guardian has a piece on Simian Mobile Disco (Jas Shaw and James Ford) - Ford produced the last Artic Monkey's album, an the Klaxons album - where they talk about their secret DJ-ing tunes guaranteed to revive flagging house parties. One of them, 'International Feel' by Todd.

According to James "He's one of those maverick 1970s producers who went well OTT on his records, but A Wizard a True Star is one of my favourite albums. I suppose this is the tune-after-the-last-tune, the lights up fuck off home tune. Although it could be more 'wow, I've never heard that on a big system, it sounds amazing, what is it?'"

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Gig Review

Nashville Scene reviews a New Cars Gig and concludes "What could have been a wham-bam retro snoozefest was elevated to a thoroughly respectable performance by little touches such as Elliot Easton’s stellar guitar work and Rundgren’s undeniable stage presence. (No more jokes, though, Todd.)". They also have this

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Girls wanna rock

Since I reviewed the latest avril Lavigne album not too long ago, I thought it only fair to also cover some of the competition. Kelly (American Idol) Clarkson, Paramore and McQueen, this is your time!

It seems strange listening to the Kelly Clarkson album, as I am hit with the feeling that whilst Lavigne seems to be slowly getting worse as each album goes by, that Clarkson is going the other way and slowly getting better. 'Since you been gone' was a great pop tune off her last album and this new one throws some more decent tunes our way in a performance that reminds me a bit of Pat Benatar - and when I say this , believe me it is praise indeed, as was - and remain - a fan a Pat, the original queen of female based pop/rock. Kicking off with the excellent, 'Never Again', there is also a number of other tracks worthy of attention including: 'Hole', 'Don't waste your time', and 'How I feel' - this really isn't all that bad. And in a time where avril is admitting she stopped working with a co-writer because they didn't write hits together, we have Kelly holding out to keep her album more rocky and less full of ' hits' written for her.

Paramore have just released their second album, 'Riot'. It doesn't really add a lot to their debut, 'All we know is falling', so if you like all the other 'emo' bands out there, you will probably like them too. At their best I could imagine singer Haley taking over vocals for Funeral for a Friend. It all sounds a bit samey, but single, 'Misery Business' is fun.

And so to McQueen. A young female four piece from the UK, and a band that Metal Hammer called "This band look great, sound awesome, and could quite possibly be the most important female band this country has produced over the last 30 years!!!..." Ok, in a country that hasn't produced anyone of any sort since Girlschool this is not as big a compliment as it sounds but ... I have to confess I am a fan of their straight forward, no messing, and mostly short songs. We have the straight rock of 'Neurotic' and 'Break the Silence' and the more commercial tinged 'The line went dead' and 'Running out of things to say' and more besides, a nice little record that sounds, well, British. The pick of the three.

Monday, July 09, 2007


The Weakerthans new album,'Reunion Tour', is finished and will be released on September 25th. Ian Blurton acted as producer. Full North American and European Tours to back up the release too - excellent news.