Thursday, December 09, 2010

Todd Rundgren's Musical Survival Camp

Whether you are veteran player or an avid music consumer, this 5 day inter-disciplinary romp with one of the 'industry's' most notorious survivors will open your mind and prepare you for the future. The man behind the 5th all time best-selling album Bat Out Of Hell, the 8th video played on MTV, the 1st interactive music disk, and predictor of the current demise of the music business has assembled a stellar staff of counselors and guest speakers (see COUNSELORS link above) and a curriculum of activities that will leave you informed and energized to face the challenges of making and consuming music.

A typical day at camp includes 3 meals, morning and afternoon counselor-led activities, free time and one-on-one counselor sessions, evening entertainment and late night jams. All this set within the beautiful Catskill Mountains Full Moon Resort grounds, just a stone's throw from Woodstock NY.

The curriculum includes not just the mechanics of music making, but the full range of issues facing todays performers, songwriters and support personnel.

Sounds fun.