Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Heaven Is Whenever

There's a wonderful song on the new Hold Steady album called ' We Can Get Together', which at it's heart is about how powerful music can in our lives, although is also about Mathew Fletcher, the drummer in Oxford band Heavenly, who committed suicide in 1996.

In the Guardian last week the band's singer, Craig Finn explained the story behind the song.

If you love music this is a must read as it really puts into words what I have always felt about music and the power of music and songs.

"It's a song about how fans use songs to communicate with each other. It's about the way a couple, or prospective couple, can build their own little world sitting in front of a turntable, playing their favorite songs for each other. It's about how sometimes the songs we love can often say things so much better that we can. It's about how we can make these songs our own, injecting our own feelings and meanings into words and music played by someone we don't know."