Saturday, April 03, 2004

London date venue

The London date on 15th July will be at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Tickets are already on sale (just got mine) and going fast. Seats in the Stalls already sold out. Tickets 22-27.50 GBP.

Friday, April 02, 2004

And Let Live

Good interview with Todd by Gavin martine in the Daily Mirror today, chating about Liv, Rex, the new album and Beatles. On Liv Todd say's: "She's my gal!" We have a really terrific relationship...About this time a year ago, Liv and I and my eldest son (Rex) went to New Orleans to stay with friends. It's a place that's designed to have a good time. You want to get drunk in the afternoon? Just go ahead! And we did."

The Move to Hawaii Todd says was prompted by a fear that Rex was getting "sucked into San Francisco gang culture". And as for Macca? Seems Todd and linda were almost an Item before Paul came on the scene. "Some years later - after a show in New York - I got to meet Linda with Paul for the first time. It was strange. For someone so happy-go-lucky onstage, Paul had no sense of humour or irony."

The 4 Star reviews keep on coming

Yet another 4 Star review, as Andy Gill in the Independent calls 'Liars' Todd's " best since his Seventies heyday" . He praises the line "It's easy to be smart, but it's a struggle to be wise," as possibly the wisest lyric of the year. He does have a minor quibble, that the "lush retro-nuevo pop-soul arrangements are sometimes a bit too top-heavy with keyboards for their own good, but Todd's vocal harmonies are faultless, and his way with a melody as winning as ever".

Meanwhile the Guardian - again with 4 Stars - calls the album "an album that dares to be of its time, out of time and in the nick of time" They say "Rundgren manages to survey almost the entire pop universe, while weaving his myriad inspirations and derivations into a single, seamless tapestry with fiendish ingenuity" Like most people they too find a flaw. This time that " Rundgren's identity tends to get lost in his own infinite landscape. But who else is capable of such a feat?" Amen.

Rundgren Going Back to His Roots with 'Liars'

The Hollywood Reporter / Reuters has a piece on Todd . In it he say's of the concept behind the album: "(Liars) is a great topic that is nearly inexhaustible," Rundgren says. "If you want to do a concept record, there is probably no better (subject), particularly in these times. I realized I had truly rich bodhi for this record, I probably could have done a double album; there is so much dishonesty in the world."

It also mentions Todd's deal with Sanctuary, which includes a licensing deal with Todd for more than 300 hours of solo and Utopia live audio and video material. A live DVD, of the forthcoming tour will be among these.

Liar's Times review

Lisa Verrico reviews 'Liars' in today's Times. She describes the album as being 'packed with accessible tracks that switch from sleek electronica to smoooth soul and technorock ... an unexpected eturn to form" ****/*****

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Lawnmower Man

The Independent on Sunday had an interview with Todd this week. "THIS CULTURAL LIFE - Mowing the lawn, and other holy sacraments" gave us a more fun insight into Todd. We learn that Todd would want Daryl Hannah to play him in the Hollywood version of his imaginary life; that he'd like to see the White House torn down ... or at least he'd like to see certain people homeless; that he throws a mean party; and that he covets his lawnmower " I consider mowing the lawn as part of my religious liturgy; lawnmowing as meditation". Rock 'n Roll