Friday, April 02, 2004

And Let Live

Good interview with Todd by Gavin martine in the Daily Mirror today, chating about Liv, Rex, the new album and Beatles. On Liv Todd say's: "She's my gal!" We have a really terrific relationship...About this time a year ago, Liv and I and my eldest son (Rex) went to New Orleans to stay with friends. It's a place that's designed to have a good time. You want to get drunk in the afternoon? Just go ahead! And we did."

The Move to Hawaii Todd says was prompted by a fear that Rex was getting "sucked into San Francisco gang culture". And as for Macca? Seems Todd and linda were almost an Item before Paul came on the scene. "Some years later - after a show in New York - I got to meet Linda with Paul for the first time. It was strange. For someone so happy-go-lucky onstage, Paul had no sense of humour or irony."

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