Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pull in Emergency @ Camden Barfly 23/07/10

I like to get out and see new and up and coming bands and last night I went along to the album launch for a Band called Pull in Emergency. As is the case most times for these types of gigs, there were also 3 other bands on the bill, and I have to say that all had something to offer.

Hella Better Dancer

The night began with a bunch of 16 year olds, fronted by Tilly Scantlebury. They are a band that mange to fuse elements of early Cure, and PJ Harvey in a pleasing manor. I really liked the guitar work by Soph Nathan. Like all good guitarist she adds colour where it is needed without over powering the songs.

Of the songs they played I really liked 'The City Sea' and new rocky song 'Say it' ? This is certainly a group worth keeping an eye on. They don't quite have the stage presence mastered yet, but time will bring that, and I'm already looking forward to what they'll sound like in a few years, but don't wait until then to check them out.


If there is any justice in this world this band will be huge. Like a UK version of Weezer, they play fun songs, with big hooks, but which also rock. Axe Behind My Back, We Got Tazers, Ice Age ... great stuff. And all this with the added joy of Al Murray's love child playing Mandolin (on EVERY song) . I loved the energy of this band. They doing the festivals at the moment and we a bit of a push I think they could really 'go places' as the old line goes.

Certainly one of the best bands – of any level – I have seen live this year. Catch them now before they become MONSTER. [I hereby apologise to the band for just placing kiss of death on their career]

Stricken City

Yeah Yeah Yeahs/St Etienne/Japan/MBV ... I got hints of all in this band, who are lead by the suitably 'kookie' sounding Rebekah Raa. She said all the songs they were playing were new. Some sounded pretty good, others not so, but I left wanting to hear what they sounded like on record.

Pull in Emergency

Having started evening with 16yr olds we ended with a band aged only a couple of years older. Like Hella Better Dancer (whose fan base they seem to have in common) the band centre around a female singer Faith Barker (who had a touch of the Kirsten Dunsts about her) and guitarist (and main songwriter) Alice Costelloe. Costelloe, comes across slightly shy, behind her long blonde hair, but when called upon to add a vocal layer to some of the songs shows she has a good voice herself.

If fact given how good looking Faith and Alice are – and the boys seem to be pleasing enough on the eye too if the response from ladies present as any guide, it is nice to see the band spurning any attempt to milk this and leaving off any kind of band photos from their album packaging [The gig was for the album launch and I dually bought a copy].

Musically the band have hints of the Smiths, and a few current indie pop acts, but
vocally Barker reminds me a bit of Kate Nash, but in a much less annoying way and oddly enough also Laura Marling on songs such like Cold Hands.

Song-wise. I Loved guitar riff at the start 'Everything is the Same', and I also I really liked '15 Years','Cold Hands' and 'Song 11'.

I was pleasantly surprised by all the bands in what turned out to be a very good evening. The Pull in Emergency album is just about to come out, meanwhile you can purchase/download music by each of the other three bands if you have an eMusic account - as I did earlier today.

I would happily see all the band again, and indeed, hope to do so.

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