Thursday, July 08, 2004

Book Now

Today's Independent plugs the UK Todd dates in its 'Book Now' recommendations today. "The American songwriter/ guitarist/ rock maverick Todd Rundgren (above) performs five concerts, featuring material from his acclaimed new album, Liars. Bristol Academy, Glasgow Academy ( 12 and 17 July; Birmingham Symphony Hall and Bridgwater Hall, Manchester ( 14 and 18 July; Royal Festival Hall, London, SE1 ( 15 July"

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Random Todd mentions

According to DJ Jono Coleman in last Friday's Daily Star there is a very good chance that Liv Tyler will be in the crowd for some of Todd's UK gigs next week...Liv also mentions Todd in an interview in Thursday's Daily Mirror saying: "But even though I discovered that Steve was my real dad and not Todd, I didn"t allow that to grind me down. I still have a great bond with Todd."

An Interview with the band Faithless in Friday's Guardian threw up a suprise mention of Todd, when the bands Rapper, Max "Maxi Jazz" Frazer , said of Todd: "He's wicked," says Frazer of the American singer-songwriter. "He has bass lines that create their own melody, which is how reggae is structured. If you can make the bass line into a melody you are on your way to heaven."

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article on Tom Ross, who after a four-year stint in new play development at New York's Public Theater. (including creating the musical Up Against It with Todd Rundgren, adapted from a screenplay Joe Orton) is now is taking the reins at the Aurora Theatre

Another new 'Liars' review

Great review of 'Liars' by Bob Renstrom in 4th of July's The Wichita Eagle.(also carried by The Hartford Courant) He describes the album as a 'an album of creamy melodiousness that clinches his status as a genius singer-song writer of the Wilson/Wonder/McCartney level.', and 'The results are a stunning achievement of, as Nick Lowe once said, pure pop for now people...The greater embarrassment is that we live in a bland corporate media wasteland where this grand magnum opus will not get the least smidgen of the air time it richly deserves'