Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Liar - Canada style

Bob Renstrom in yesterday's (13th) Calgary Herald , in the now obligatory 4 star review, describes 'Liars' as "an album of creamy melodiousness that clinches his status as a genius singer-song writer of the Wilson/Wonder/McCartney level. More than a return to form, this effort marks a real breakthrough for Rundgren"

Todd Rundgren: Nothing but the truth

Ahead of Tonight's gig in Birmingham (can't wait!) the Independent has an interview by Anthony Quinn conducted in Amsterdam last week.

Interesting on 'Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect' ... described by the author as "truly the piece of Rundgren that passeth all understanding"... 'Would it be fair to say that he didn't exercise a great measure of quality control? "Well, the quality of what got released was exactly as I intended - and what I intended was to do something nobody else was doing. From that point of view my lack of commercial success was inevitable." So: better to have been a cult pioneer than a rich nonentity who sold out. "It's better to know and fulfil your purpose in life," he says, "whatever that may be. It's somebody else's assumption that I was supposed to be a big pop star. I don't think I've ever done anything to sabotage my career. We did the shows, we made the records, and at one point in the Seventies we were huge."'