Thursday, September 06, 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Hold Steady at Camden Electric Ballroom 30/08/07

Another Hold Steady gig, another venue, another great night (although perhaps Craig and I should have drank a bit less - it effected him less on stage mind you!).

Anyway. Things were different this time around, with the band moving away from the 'ok, let's just play all of BAGIA and a few other songs' approach that they took with the Borderline and Sheps Bush gigs earlier in the year - although I think opening with Hot Soft Light instead of Stuck Between Stations was a mistake (for me anyway). Having spoke to a few people the set list seemed to be something like this: -

Hot Soft Light
Banging Camp
Chips Ahoy
Stuck Between Stations
Cattle and the Creeping Things
Massive Nights
Party Pit
You Can Make Him Like You
Stevie Nix

I kind of get hazzy around this point and came back to reality with

Your Little Hoodrat Friend
Southtown Girls
How A Resurrection Really Feels

[I think Chill out Tent got another airing in my 'blind' patch]

The Encore consited of
? another failing memory moment for me, followed by
First Night
Most People Are DJs
Killer Parties

All cracking stuff, and if you don't believe me, the Independent thought so too. Also hints at end of gig that this might not be their last London gigs of 2007 ...