Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Todd cover more than just a Rumer

UK singer-songwriter Rumer http://www.rumer.co.uk/ ( Sarah Joyce) releases her second album next month – a set of covers of less-obvious songs by male artists. Rumer said: ‘this project is about passion, and paying respect to other people’s work. I went on a journey and this music tells that story.’ Included is a version of Todd's Be Nice to Me, off the Runt album.

Boys Don’t Cry tracklisting

1. P.F. Sloan (Jimmy Webb) 2. Be Nice To Me (Todd Rundgren) 3. It Could Be The First Day (Richie Havens) 4. Travelin’ Boy (Paul Williams) 5. A Man Needs A Maid (Neil Young) 6. Soulsville (Issaac Hayes) 7. The Same Old Tears On A New Background (Stephen Bishop) 8. Soul Rebel (Bob Marley) 9. Flyin’ Shoes (Townes Van Zandt) 10. Home Thoughts From Abroad (Clifford T Ward) 11. We Will (Gilbert O Sullivan) 12. My Cricket (Leon Russell)


DPSF said...

Rumer is an amazing singer/songwriter, but it's fun to hear her cover other writers' material, too. I can't wait for this CD!

J. Marquis said...

I think Jules Shear did that same song on his covers album.

J. Marquis said...
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