Monday, August 19, 2013

Kasim and Utopia

Nice short interview with Kasim in Niagara Gazette Apparently Utopia were featured prominently on the cover of a recent issue of “Goldmine” magazine, and it included interviews with all the band members. It was one of the few times in recent years Todd has talked extensively about his former band. Which brought this classic quote from Kaz in the NG “I was pleasantly surprised at how generously he spoke about our history."


jim marquis said...

I read a book that talked about how gruff Todd was with Kasim when they first started working together. Ironic that they ended up being such good friend/musical partners.

Scott said...

There is a great interview (think on the healing live CD/DVD) where it is also put to Todd that Kaz had said sometimes Todd will go days without having conversation with him ...when they're on tour!

jim marquis said...

Yeah, it sounds like our hero isn't great when it comes to compromise. But that's also one of the reasons he's our hero!